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Pandora Cell 

Pandora – Forward Looking Cell 

DEMA’s Pandora Cell concept is an add-on feature to crisis management staffs. The aim is to provide near-term foresight during crises that are already unfolding. A crisis by definition entails a shortage of time and/or resources. Because of this, it is notoriously difficult to:

  • look back at lessons learned,
    making sure we are not repeating previous mistakes.
  • look around
    picking up on weak signals in our surroundings.
  • look ahead
    anticipating what will happen next.


Tasking a separate cell with this is a way of making sure that this assignment is given due attention and thereby improving the overall crisis management effort. As such, the cell works independently and isolated from the remaining crisis management organisation, but provides the crisis leadership with regular output from the analyses. The output consists of a list of 3-5 issues for the crisis leadership to consider and implement at its own discretion.

You can read more about the Pandora Cell setup and the suggested analytical process in the concept paper


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