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About the warning system

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Siren warning 

About the warning system 

1,078 electronic warning sirens are installed in Denmark. The sirens are placed on the top of buildings or on masts.

Long range

This warning system makes it possible to warn the population in all urban areas with more than 1,000 inhabitants. This means that about 80 % of Denmark's population can be warned by means of the stationary sirens. The remaining 20 % will be warned by mobile sirens mounted on police cars.

The sirens have a powerful sound that can be heard over considerable distances as well as indoors.

The sirens have their own power supply, and will work even during a power failure.

Connected in a network

The electronic sirens are connected to a data network and can be operated from police stations that are manned around the clock. It is possible to activate sirens in a limited area where, for example, a chemical accident has occurred.

The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) is connected to same data network as the sirens. This ensures that the population will receive the necessary information and instructions via radio at the same time as the sirens sound the alarm. The TV-channel TV2 will also bring information and instructions.

Regular testing


The function of the sirens is tested every night - without producing any sound. Once every year - on the first Wednesday of May - the sirens will be tested with sound.

Listen to the signals.

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Stationary siren
The stationary sirens are either mounted on rooftops or, as in this case, on masts.

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