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    DEMA Volunteer Centre 

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    The centre is located in Hedehusene, west of Copenhagen. The centre is the base of a large force of fire and rescue personnel consisting of more than 300 volunteers.

    The personnel supports the municipal fire and rescue service at major fires and other disasters, in pollution control each volunteer is trained in several specialised branches of service.

    Among the specialised branches of service is the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) capacity with its canine rescue teams. These are also deployed as a part of the DEMA capacity for earthquakes and related disasters.

    DMEH and MTCU

    DEMA Volunteer Centre is the base of the Danish Mobile Emergency Hospital (DMEH) with its Mobile Trauma Care Unit (MTCU).

    DMEH is a highly specialised hospital for orthopaedic surgery. DMEH is deployed to disaster scenes abroad, mainly earthquakes and earthquake related disasters, but it has also been deployed for complex emergency scenes.

    The MTCU is a part of the DEMA USAR capacity, intended for initial trauma care and transport stabilisation of injured USAR team members and on scene stabilisation of victims extricated by the USAR team. Furthermore the MTCU is a part of DMEH, where it can be deployed as a mobile team capable of retrieving patients from remote areas.

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    Fact sheets introducing DMEH and the MTCU are available in the right menu.

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    National Operations and Logistics Division


    DEMA Hedehusene Fire and Rescue Centre - Volunteer Centre
    Hedelykken 10
    DK-2640 Hedehusene
    +45 4590 6600