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National operations 


DEMA's six national fire and rescue centres provide assistance to the police and fire and rescue services in major personnel-intensive emergencies or in situations requiring special equipment.

All national fire and rescue centres have round-the-clock call-out, and are ready to respond within five minutes. They can reach any part of the country in two hours. Each centre has 60-65 conscripts and 40-100 volunteers.

In major incidents, DEMA can rapidly upgrade its strength with up to 1150 conscripts, officers and volunteers.

National service

The national fire and rescue centres allow conscripts to do national service and receive emergency training at the same time. National service lasts nine months.

The training elements include instruction in the following fields:

  • Firefighting (standard Danish firefighter training)
  • Advanced First Aid
  • USAR (urban search and rescue) training
  • Response and basic training for accidents involving hazardous chemicals and CBRN incidents
  • Physical training
  • Rescue service


40-100 volunteers are linked to each national rescue centre. The centre at Hedehusene, near Copenhagen, is the base of a 300 man strong volunteer force of fire and rescue personnel.

Volunteer personnel support the local fire and rescue service and the local police, and can be deployed abroad as part of DEMA's capacity in major incidents and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Find information on DEMA’s Volunteer Centre in the left menu.

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