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International operations 

DEMA is the focal point for requests to Denmark regarding international crisis and emergency assistance. DEMA is responsible for establishing and developing international assistance capabilities and for supporting coordinating efforts in disaster areas.

USAR-team Iran 2003
Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)-team in Iran 2003

Requests for assistance are typically received from the EU, the United Nations or NATO. As soon as a request has been received, it is forwarded to the Danish Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark. It is the Danish Minister of Defence who decides when and how DEMA can be deployed internationally. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides if an operation should be supported by the Danish government and in most cases also funds DEMA's international operations. 

Since 2000 DEMA has provided specialists, equipment or personnel to international catastrophes and crises around the world more than 120 times.  

Bilateral cooperation

DEMA coordinates international civil protection cooperation in Denmark through bilateral cooperation with international authorities and organisations.

DEMA is also involved in reconstruction and security cooperation abroad.

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