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Prevention - one of DEMA's core tasks

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    Prevention - one of DEMA's core tasks 

    DEMA is responsible for a wide range of tasks relating to prevention, including fire prevention. These include drawing up regulations and directives, providing advice and campaigns directed at the general public, authorities and companies.

    Rules and regulations

    DEMA works with prevention through rules and regulations in areas such as:

    • Rules and regulations concerning fire and explosion hazards in enterprises and storage facilities
    • Operational directives for community centres, hotels, schools, etc.
    • Approval of major stocks of gases and flammable liquids
    • Approval of enterprises covered by the Seveso II Directive due to fire and
    • explosion hazard
    • Regulations for transport of dangerous goods by road and approval of tanks

    Educational material and campaigns

    DEMA also develops educational material and campaigns aimed at changing behaviour and attitude in respect of fire prevention and emergency management. Each year a number of campaigns are implemented. Examples are:

    • Fire prevention campaign aimed at primary school children
    • National warning siren campaign along with full-scale testing of national warning sirens
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