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Comprehensive Preparedness Planning

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Contingency planning 

Comprehensive Preparedness Planning 

Preparedness planning is about preparing for extraordinary incidents that cannot be managed with ordinary resources and routines alone. The purpose of the planning is for each organisation to strengthen its ability to prevent incidents where possible and to manage them when necessary. In other words, preparedness planning is about creating resilient organisations.

The Danish Emergency Management Agency divides comprehensive preparedness planning into seven areas:
  • Programme management – which should be the central, pivotal point of the planning.
  • Planning assumptions – analyses and ongoing activities that support planning in the remaining areas. The activities include risk and vulnerability analysis.
  • Prevention – measures that may prevent incidents or reduce their probability and consequences.
  • Training – for all employees with a role in the organisation’s emergency preparedness.
  • Exercises – which all organisations should conduct and participate in.
  • Evaluations – in order to utilise the learning potential from incidents and exercises.
  • Crisis management plans – which describe how the organisation has prepared to respond to incidents.
Comprehensive preparedness planning focuses on the general build-up of capacities that can protect organisations’ critical functions and values such as life, welfare, property, environment, reputation, etc., and is thus not limited to particular types of extraordinary incidents.

The Danish Emergency Management Agency has published the guide “Comprehensive Preparedness Planning” to improve the quality of existing preparedness planning or to guide organisations in initiating new planning activities. The guide is an integral part of DEMA’s website on comprehensive preparedness planning, where more inspiration, practical tools and suggestions for further reading in Danish can be found.
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