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Contingency planning 

Planning is essential 

DEMA is responsible for promoting and coordinating the planning for accidents and disasters that may have a serious adverse impact on critical functions of society. The agency's tasks in this area include:


  • Counselling of national agencies and ministries regarding emergency planning
  • Coordination of the National Emergency Plan
  • Planning and conduct of national emergency management exercises
  • Assessment and monitoring of national and cross-sector vulnerabilities
  • Inspection and councelling of  municipalities regarding their general emergency planning, as well as the dimensioning of municipal fire and rescue services

Courses and international co-operation

DEMA produces information material and arranges courses and activities to promote emergency planning and strengthen cooperation between relevant stakeholders.

DEMA participates in international co-operation on civil protection issues in the EU and NATO, and share experience bilaterally with similar counterparts in other countries such as Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

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