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National Risk Profile (2017) 

DEMA has prepared the second edition of the National Risk Profile. The publication comprises 13 incident types, which potentially can lead to major accidents and disasters in Denmark.

In today’s world, numerous risks possess the ability to lead to considerable impacts on the Danish society. National Risk Profile is a periodic summary of ongoing work to identify and analyse societal risks. The publication helps the reader to create awareness of recognized risks and our knowledge about them. In this light, the publication does not determine the likelihood of different incident types to occur as a numeric value. National Risk Profile serves as inspiration for authorities and other organisations and may be used as a starting point for preparedness and exercise planning. The publication is however equally aimed at the interested citizen.

The new edition of National Risk Profile builds on the subject areas of the previous version and complements them with the latest developments and assessments. As a novelty, the publication addresses four new trends, which over a time frame of 5-15 years may lead to new incident types or affect the managing of existing ones. Authorities, institutions, universities and experts from the private sector have all been involved in this work.

In addition, the structure and the design have undergone a comprehensive review. The new National Risk Profile appears in a more reader-friendly edition, and with a more methodical structure with elements for further use of the reader. Two new graphical elements allow for the easy decoding of an incident type’s unique features, and the challenges and consequences that incidents may cause.

Along with the National Risk Profile, DEMA publishes a national survey showing among other things the public how it perceives the threats of the incident types of the National Risk Profile, the level of the authorities’ preparedness and the likelihood of the incident types to occur. Read the results of the latest survey conducted in 2017 here: The Danes’ perception of risk 2017
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