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Emergency management

The purpose of the Danish civil preparedness is to prevent that major accidents affect life, welfare and environment.

All Danish authorities - municipalities, regions and central authorities - are required to plan for maintaining their most critical functions in event of major accidents and crises.

At national level the ministries are responsible for planning within their respective areas of responsibility. Their tasks are to maintain the functions of the Government and public administration, producing necessary legislation and providing guidance to regional and municipal authorities. This principle of sector responsibility is outlined in § 24,1 of the Danish Emergency Management Act.

Municipalities and regional councils must prepare contingency plans for all assignments that they are responsible for.

Multi-level emergency management

The Danish fire and rescue service consists of the municipal fire and rescue service, the municipal and national support sites, and the national, regional fire and rescue service.

On a national level, the emergency management organisation in Denmark comprises three levels which coordinate national-level emergency management. In addition to this, the overall effort in case of major incidents that cannot be resolved in the individual regions is coordinated through a national operative staff (NOST).

DEMA guides and coordinates

The Danish Emergency Management Agency has the coordinating responsibility on behalf of the Minister of Defence.


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