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Emergency preparedness planning 

Emergency preparedness planning in Denmark 

All Danish authorities - municipalities, regions and central authorities - must be prepared to manage emergencies, so that they can maintain their most critical functions in the case of accidents and other crises.

The municipal and regional councils are responsible for maintaining all their critical functions. 

At the national level ministries are responsible for planning within their respective areas of responsibility. Their tasks are to maintain the functions of the Government and the public administration, producing necessary legislation and providing guidance to regional and municipal authorities.

The Danish Emergency Management Agency has the coordinating responsibility on behalf of the Minister of Defence. The Agency provides guidance to other authorities on contingency planning and facilitates the coordination of activities.

The principles of sector responsibility and proximity

The principle of sector responsibility means that the authority responsible upholding a given function on a day-to-day basis retains that same responsibility in the case of crises. The principle is outlined in Section 24.1 of the Danish Emergency Management Act.

Therefore, the principle of sector responsibility also means that the respective authorities are responsible for the whole range of activities from prevention to emergency plans.

The principle of proximity means that tasks related to emergency management should always be carried out as close to the citizen as possible and at the lowest possible and feasible organisational level in order to enhance efficiency.
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