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The Danish Emergency Management Agency (DEMA) is a Danish governmental agency under the Ministry of Defence. The agency was formed under the Danish Emergency Management Act, which came into force on January 1, 1993.
DEMA's mission is to cushion the effects of accidents and disasters on society and to prevent harm to people, property and the environment.

Consequently, DEMA has a series of operational, supervisory and regulatory functions concerning emergency management and preparedness. Find more information on DEMA’s national fire and rescue centres in the left menu.

Danish National Fire and Rescue Service
DEMA is responsible for the Danish National Fire and Rescue Service, which consists of six national fire and rescue centres with permanent employees, conscripts and volunteers.

The fire and rescue centres are able to assist local fire and rescue services, the police and other authorities in the case of major or prolonged accidents or disasters, where there is a need for extra manpower or specialized equipment.

By request from a governmental or international organisation, DEMA can also assist in disasters abroad. Read more information about international co-operation and international operations.

DEMA provides expert advice and assistance to authorities on incidents involving hazardous chemical or unknown substances, and lead the response of the Danish authorities in case of nuclear emergency abroad in order to protect the population and the environment.

Regulatory functions
DEMA's regulatory functions include technical prevention, such as the administration of rules and regulations on the storage of flammable products and transport of dangerous goods by road and also behavioural prevention, e.g. campaign activities in schools and with the general public.

DEMA supervises and provides advice to local fire and rescue services and coordinates preparedness planning on a national level for accidents and disasters that may have a serious adverse impact on the critical functions of society.

Finally, DEMA manages, develops and implements a wide range of emergency management training courses.