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DEMA's organisation and structure

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    DEMA's organisation and structure 

    To ensure optimal performance, DEMA is organised into different units with each their area of responsibility. Below is a list showing the different units, and in the right column are links to fact sheets with more information about the organisation and structure of the Danish fire and rescue service.

    Management and staff functions
    • Director General
    • Management Secretariat
    • Communications Unit

    Core tasks
    • Centre for Fire Prevention
    • Centre for Preparedness Planning and Crisis Management
    • Centre for Emergency Preparedness Monitoring and Guidance
    • Centre for Education
    • Centre for Logistics and Acquisition
    • National Division
    • International Division
    • Chemical Division
    • Nuclear Division

    Internal Service Centres
    • Budget and Finance Centre
    • HR Centre
    • Administration Centre
    • IT Service Centre

    Centres and Colleges
    • DEMA North Jutland Fire and Rescue Centre
    • DEMA Central Jutland Fire and Rescue Centre
    • DEMA Southern Jutland Fire and Rescue Centre
    • DEMA Zealand Fire and Rescue Centre
    • DEMA Bornholm Fire and Rescue Centre
    • DEMA Hedehusene Fire and Rescue Centre
    • DEMA Emergency Services College Tinglev
    • DEMA Staff College Snekkersten
    DEMA - organization
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