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Education and training 
DEMA Emergency Services College - Clik for bigger photo

DEMA Emergency Services College 

The main aim of The Emergency Services College is the operational, tactical education of sub-officers and officers from fire and rescue authorities, private companies and other authorities with the responsibility for emergency planning in Denmark. All sub-officers and officers in Denmark train at the College.

In co-operation with representatives from the Commissioner of the Police, the College educates and authorises students from the fire and rescue services and the Police to act as Incident Commanders in everyday emergencies. The College also delivers some education at manual level, e.g. BA- and Flash Over-instructor courses, RTA-courses, and the operational education of the fire fighters in the local area around the College.

130.000 square metre training ground

A large training ground of 130.000 square metres is used for small and large-scale exercises, and is the key point in all educational activities at the College. With many fire drill houses and ruins it is also used for the development and testing of new methods and techniques as well as training in environmental protection at incidents with hazardous materials.

The Emergency Services College is situated in the southern part of the peninsula Jutland around 12 km north of the Danish-German border.

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DEMA Emergency Services College 
Nørremarken 21
6360 Tinglev
Telefon: 45 90 69 00
E-post: brts@brs.dk
Fax: 74 64 40 72
EAN: 5798000201668